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Small Business Consulting

Running a small business can be very time-consuming and extremely overwhelming at times.  If you don't have good processes and systems in place, things can easily fall through the cracks leaving you with very unhappy clients.  While there is software and apps to assist with this, they can be extremely costly and not all small businesses can afford them.  Enter me.  I can assist you in setting up an effective system catered to your individual company that will ensure that all clients needs are timely met and nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to your company.

In addition to this, we will set up a standard set of forms that can include logo, invoice, invoice tracker spreadsheet, client information sheets, and much more to keep on top of things.  We will also come up with an efficient system for saving and storing information on your computer.  Lastly, we can review all tax write offs that you need to be tracking and develop a spreadsheet to track this that will make you very popular with your accountant come tax time.