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How Do I Get Off This Thing? The Roller Coaster of Parenting a Child with ADHD is likely unique from anything you've read about ADHD. Its author is not a doctor, child psychologist, or expert in behavioral disorders; she is simply a mom sharing her story of successes and failures she's dealt with on the journey of raising her son who has ADHD. Diagnosis, treatment, school suspensions, weeping sessions while hiding in the closet, questioning God and everything in between are covered in these pages. She openly shares her story in order for readers to learn from her mistakes, to be uplifted by her triumphs, to view the daily trials and tribulations in a more positive light, and especially to realize that they are not alone as they struggle coping with ADHD. The scriptures and songs she clung to during her struggles are also shared here. From page one as you begin to read this book, you will feel a sense of immediate relief sweep over you as you realize that there is someone else who has had the exact thoughts, fears, and anxieties you've had while dealing with the ADHD beast and who is not afraid to share them with others. As you read her journey to find peace, you will learn that on that journey, there were lots of tears, confusion, and questions, but there was also a lot of laughter, some amazing people, countless opportunities to share in the lives of others, and, best of all, one amazing little boy who made it all worth it.