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Heather Lebischak

Thanks so much for visiting my webpage.  As you likely already know, my name is Heather Lebischak. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Montevallo in 2001 in Kinesiology (just a fancy word for P.E.), which I utilize in the group fitness classes I teach.  I also have 15 years' experience as a paralegal/legal assistant in the areas of Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits law. Working in these areas has given me valuable insight into the world of human resources and the issues that companies face on a daily basis.  Additionally, I am also a published author.  You can find information on my book in the "Everything Else" section. From generational marketing to leadership to extreme couponing, I have presented at various companies and organizations across the country. I love traveling with my husband and son, knitting, running, and everything Christmas!

Presentation Topics

Clapping Audience

There is a quote that says:  Someone who is made to feel appreciated, will always do more than is expected.  This is especially true in the workplace.  However, did you know that sometimes the way you show your appreciation can actually be considered a punishment by the recipient?  In this presentation, we will explore the importance of learning how your boss, employees, co-workers, and/or clients like to be shown that they are valued.  In doing so, we can ensure that they are made to feel appreciated, which leads to hard-working, loyal employees; excellent co-workers; and clients who will stick with you through thick and thin.

The Value of Appreciation


Give 'Em What They Want:  Office Perks Employees Actually Want

When was the last time you took a look at your company's fringe benefits?  1, 5, 10 years go?  If so, this presentation is for you.  Chances are the "benefits" you are offering are not event considered perks by most of your employees.  Many things factor into what employees want - age, stage of life, circumstance, etc.  So you need to be offering a variety.  The great news is that many of these benefits can be offered at little or no cost to your company.  Best of all, it will make your company a more appealing place for job seekers, improve employee loyalty, morale and retention, and could even save the company money.

Bridge into the Woods

Bridging the Gaps:  Understanding, Motivating & Rewarding Generations

Struggling to motivate or retain your employees?  Not sure how to reward them in a way that will make them feel valued?  If so, this presentation is for you.  We will briefly explore the characteristics of the generations and then dive into what it takes to motivate each generation as well as what each generation is looking for in the way of benefits and rewards.  Basically, what it takes to make them work hard and stick around.  With turnover at an all-time high and costing companies millions of dollars each year, this information could be vital to your company's sustainability.

Church Pews

Noticed a lot of empty pews in your church recently?  Wondering why fewer people are finding church an important part of their week?  During this presentation we will explore the reasons people are abandoning the church, especially the younger generations.  It may surprise you, but it is the church and not necessarily God or religion that they are abandoning.  We will explore ideas to help the Body of Christ combat this growing epidemic by exploring the reasons that people are leaving in the first place.  We will look at the life of Jesus to discover ways to effectively show love to others and make church something appealing and not something to fear. 

The Future of the American Church

Analyzing the data

Generational Marketing

With potentially 7 generations to sell to, it is no wonder you're having such a hard time with marketing.  Whether social media, direct mailing, coupons, or loyalty programs; the possibilities can be very overwhelming.  During this training we will explore how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to picking the best avenues for marketing to your target audience.  We will learn what methods work across multiple generations and which are generation-specific.  We will also explore the best practices for things like social media and loyalty programs.  

Grocery Shopping

Couponing 101

Whether it's bills, kid's college tuition, or travel ball, we have a lot of expenses, so every cent we can save is important.  During this presentation we will learn the basics of couponing--how to stack coupons, what retailers make couponing easiest, and how best to organize your coupons.  By setting aside just a small amount of time per week, you can potentially save significant money from your average grocery bill.


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